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Press for Ghosts of the Main Drag

Ghosts of the Main Drag

"Doug is a musician worth paying attention to."
-Americana UK

"Doug Schmude offers up a winning hybrid of Americana and indie countrified rock. "
- Rock n Roll Truth

"The influences of Americana are clearly present, but Doug Schmude adds something to it. Call it solid rock or punk, it does not matter, but it sounds original. "
- Keys and Chords (Belgium)

Press for All These Avenues

All These Avenues

"Doug displays a wealth of talent on a plethora of instruments, not least of which his voice, which simmers like a snake threatening but never quite needing to strike."

"Doug Schmude's latest release...has a natural authenticity, it's traditional country with a modern feel. That's his style and it fits his craggy but somehow smooth voice like a glove."
- Americana UK

Press for A New Century

A New Century

"...Schmude has a great singing voice, a warm, beckoning tone he frequently carries just to the edge of hoarseness."
"...all you want to do is hook up with him and go along for the ride, no matter where he's heading."
- OC Weekly

"Roots-Americana -- for a new century."
"Doug Schmude shows a lot of promise."
"...the epitome of roots Americana."

"Doug Schmude's guitar work has that certain energy about it, a feel that makes you believe that these things come just plain ole naturally for him...that ability, along with songwriting skills that makes you wish that there were more than the eleven cuts included on the CD."
- Music City Blues Society

"...pop-Americana shot through with streaks of beautiful loser"
- Americana UK

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